[sdiy] Home silkscreen painting ?

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Sun Aug 30 19:21:49 CEST 2015


Almost ten years ago I screen printed my first Buchla format modules myself. I got the screens made at Standard Screen in Manhattan http://www.standardscreen.com/ . I have a friend with a screen printing shop in Bushwick. He had only ever done T-shirts and posters, so we went in blind. I bought enamel ink from the same place I got the screens made and chose the mesh count based on their recommendation. 

To sum it up...it was a nightmare. The enamel ink has a very strong, toxic odor. The screen would clog up on almost every panel, so I kept having to clean it with mineral spirits and I didn't get them to be very consistent. I switched to Kayrock (a screenprinting artist who does fine art as well as shirts and live printing "shows") who after 1 job refused to do any more because the odor is too toxic. He recommended Luthor, the guy in Park Slope I sent you to 7 years ago.

Given that your wife won't allow soldering in the house because of the odor, I wouldn't expect screen printing to be allowed! ;)


On Aug 29, 2015, at 7:55 PM, Dan Snazelle wrote:

> After seeing bruce from Modcan in I dream of wires doing HIS OWN PANELS in his shop, I started wondering how hard it would be ( once you order the screen of your art online) to do the same 
> Anyone know 
> 1, what kind of inks do you order?
> 2, from where ? 
> 3. How is it different than t shirt printing 
> 4 ventilation? Dangers ?
> Thanks !
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