[sdiy] Solder stops flowing all of a sudden?

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Wed Jan 22 10:54:10 CET 2014

On Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 10:41 AM, Elby Designs
<elby_designs at ozemail.com.au> wrote:
> I would suggest you read upon this from some of the manufacturers but here
> is a typical link
> http://www.hakko.com/english/lead_free/pages/index.html
> If you are involved in the industry you will know that you can't use lead
> solder equipment for lead-free soldering as lead-free solder is more
> aggressive and destroys things like the containers used in solder-wave
> equipment.  Companies that had lead solder equipment and wanted to
> changeover to lead-free had to either replace the solder tanks or have them
> lined to prevent excessive deterioration of the tanks. Lead solder tips
> corrode much quicker in lead-free solder and so you will find that lead-free
> solder tips have a different coating that protects them better.
> With lead soldering irons you would wipe the tip before soldering but would
> not be too concerned about leaving solder on the tip when you had finished
> with the iron. With lead-free soldering irons you should always clean the
> tip if it is not going to be used shortly otherwise the solder will start to
> attack the tips.
> A little dated but still relevant
> http://www.smta.org/chapters/files/smta-gdl_Lead-free_Handsoldering.Final.4.
> 19.06.pdf

Ah, ok. I don't have any experience with that. What I've been doing is
using lead-free tips for leaded solder. That's the only kind of solder
I use. That works quite well.


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