[sdiy] How does the JX3P VCA work?

Florian Anwander fanwander at mnet-online.de
Wed Jan 15 14:41:43 CET 2014

Am 15.01.2014 14:09, schrieb Neil Johnson:
>>> it doesn't make sense to have all 6 VCAs made from the same match pattern
>> Unless you want all 6 voices to behave the same. ;-)
> From these images it looks like all the transistors for a given
> function have the same colour spot:
I don't doubt, that Roland did handle it that way. My thought is more: 
was it really necessary? These are quasi linear VCAs. Different 
characteristics would have a lower impact than in an exponentiator. I 
don't doubt that there would exist a difference, but I doubt one would 
hear(!) the difference, if matched pairs with different HFEs would be used.


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