[sdiy] Jomox M Resonator broken ?

Wheaton, Simon Simon.Wheaton at cit.edu.au
Mon Jan 13 10:38:46 CET 2014

> From: Florian Anwander [fanwander at mnet-online.de]
> Sent: Monday 13 January 2014 19:39
> Subject: Re: [sdiy] Jomox M Resonator broken ?
> Beside that Simon knows what he thinks ;-) also it is definitely sure,
> that Juergen Michaelis does not provide schematics or service manuals
> for any of his instruments.

Yes, I have owned Jomox gear for 15+ years, and seen Juergen's responses to similar requests in the past, and non-response to my asking directly for XBase09 schematics.

This was his response to a SunSyn user wanting panel artwork to produce a black SunSyn case...
> Jomox is not a DIY company and generally not giving out artworks, plans,
> schematics, wirings and so on. The design and finish are also legal property
> of Jomox and of people who have made it for Jomox.

He even got upset that a third party/person created the XRom modification for the XBase09.

Jean should ask, as you never know, and only Juergen can answer the question of whether he will supply them or not.

I suspect, that he will be told no, and directed to an authorised service agent, such as...


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