[sdiy] PIC basic setup?

Paul Schreiber synth1 at airmail.net
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a) go to www.microchip,com/pic16f684 and this will take you to the 'product

b) scroll to bottom, click on Development tools/boards

c) there will be links to the supported boards. That link will take you to a
Microchip Direct page, there will be a 'More Info' link. Click that.

Now at the bottom of that page, will be the user guide which has the board
schematics in ZIP/PDF.

BTW: this procedure is true for ANY Microchip part: just go straight to the
product page.

Paul S.

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Any good ideas/tutorials for getting a PIC working with just a basic setup
(pic, xtal, maybe 5v regulator), making it blink an LED, respond to a pot,

I got a few PIC16F684 and a programmer with the intention of doing Tom
Wiltshire's/Electric Druids VCADSR project.

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