[sdiy] Need urgent help, Juno 106 key contact broken lead

Bob Weigel sounddoctorin at imt.net
Sun Sep 29 23:13:55 CEST 2013

On 9/29/2013 2:52 PM, Julien Delgoulet wrote:
> Hi Gil !
> "Funny" my 106 had the same issue.
> What I did is :
> #1 : Use a small pin ( the one you use when you "sew" ;-) )
> #2 : remove the solder mask using it to reach the "track"
> #3 : Simply had a wire (I use resistors legs that I kept when soldering stuff).
> This worked perfectly and was done in no time.
> I pushed some photos here : http://giorgo2001.free.fr/Juno106 so you can see the whole process.
> Good Luck !
> Le 29 sept. 2013 à 22:35, "Gil W." <gil_we at yahoo.com> a écrit :
>> Hello friends.
>> Today I took my beloved Juno 106 out of storage to prepare it for a show. Checking the keyboard I found one dead key.
>> I took the keyboard, key and rubber stripe off to see what's under it. What I found was that at the very point where
>> the keyboard PCB trace for the certain key, meets one of the "half moon" contact, there was some kind of corrosion.
>> I checked the contact between the PCB trace and it's half moon, and found there was no contact between the two.
>> That right-hand half moon is supposed to be connected to the same line with all other right-hand half moons of all other keys.
>> I'm afraid to try anything before I have your advice so I don't cause any further damage... These PCB's are impossible to find.
>> How can I reconnect the track to the half moon and keep good contact between them ? I'm afraid soldering iron is not going to work here ?
>> Thanks very much for your advice !
>> Picture here:
>> http://i774.photobucket.com/albums/yy25/system100m/106_zps4f95c99c.jpg
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Yeah if you can get onto a solder trace you can bridge it with spring 
tension sometimes.  Also though I've used the trace repair stuff from 
..who is it chemtronics or....I'd have to look.  Radio shack carred the 
'pen' that you can paint conductive material with. I fixed a couple 
Kawai Midi Grand pianos (the big ones..) that were used on the river 
boat in Lake Conroe some years back that way. People had spilled drinks 
that ate traces here and there. Hopefully it's still working...

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