[sdiy] MIDI-CV retrofit

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Thanx for suggestions!
	Actually I do have 2 voce poliphony, like ARP Odissey or Polivoks,
and at the moment I have installed 4 pole switch to select direct CV or CV
form MIDI (one for each VCO).
	On Gates - basically I do not intend to press keys, when I controll
a synth form MIDI, so basically the question is about how to merge Gates.
Perhaps idea of ORing them should work.


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Am 17.09.2013 11:08, schrieb Carsten Toensmann:
> The problem of gate mixing is that you do a mixing of events. So if 
> you don't implement a kind of hierarchy you get chaos. You press a key 
> on the keyboard and a "note off" event of your MIDI interface comes 10 
> msecs later - what should the system do? Do you want an "and" or an "or"
> implementation of MIDI events and so on.

That would still mean at least one key is down. In the CV/Gate realm there
are no really events, just voltages.

> Mixing CVs is ok in my opinion, mixing of gate doesn't make sense. 
> Even worse if you consider polyphony.

I disagree. I'll leave polyphony aside since I doubt that Girts has a
polyphonic synth with a single pair of Gate/CV jacks. :-)

If you "mix" CVs by adding them then you can OR your gates. Since then the
MIDI input and Keyboard really transpose each other. So you want sound when
either source signals a key is down. The other option is to take the maximum
or minimum of the CVs, then its still reasonable to OR the gates. This would
be like on a monophonic highest (or lowest) note priority keyboard, with
more than one key down.


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