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Greg James gjames at kddlab.com
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Mathematica, MATHLAB, and Maple are all symbolic math solvers.
Matlab is foremost a matrix math package.

All of the above have been extended over the years to overlap significantly
with each other.

SciLab is the open source alternative to Mathematica et. al.
Octave is the open source alternative to Matlab

A nice list of packages:

Also, Wikipedia has some nice compendiums.

Scientific Workplace is the full-product of Office' equation editor. MS
licenses a stripped-down version. If you purchase SW, it comes with MuPad
embedded, giving you a core set of symbolic math operations. It's not nearly
as broad as SciLab or the others, but may get you by depending on what you

MathCad is OK - but I rather prefer SciLab. Octave is not nearly as good as
Matlab, but Matlab is $$$. Unfortunately, in my academic and professional
experience I have to deal with all of them at one time or another.

-Greg James

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Hello - sorry for the OT.

Has anyone here used Mathcad http://www.ptc.com/product/mathcad ?

Any thoughts, tips, probs, etc?

I'll be using it as part of a course I'm doing so I don't really have a
choice regarding alternatives - but if you have a preference for something
similar I'd be interested to hear about it.



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