[sdiy] PCB Layout Software?

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Wed Sep 11 12:12:24 CEST 2013


a) none
b) none
c) schematic and board edits are integrated, although selections are  
not perfectly tied together
d) You need to run a ULP script to generate 3D models, but the folks  
at Dangerous Prototypes are doing 3D models for all of their Eagle  
projects, making it look rather easy.
e) many PCB shops provide Eagle Design Rules and accept Eagle files

I still use Eagle 5, so I'm not sure whether to recommend Eagle 6.

Brian Willoughby

On Aug 16, 2013, at 00:24, Paul Schreiber wrote:
> a) no annual support fee (OrCAD)
> b) no USB dongle (OrCAD)
> c) integrates schematic with PCB (I have Altium, it does that but I  
> never
> liked it)
> d) 3D models (PCAD = no)
> e) not dead (PCAD)
> Paul S.
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> Sent: Thursday, August 15, 2013 5:27 AM
> Hi Paul, what did you win over to switch?
> m.
> On 11.8.2013, at 17:05 , Paul Schreiber wrote:
>> Best overall I've seen recently is DipTrace:
>> www.diptrace.com
>> I'm switching over to them this fall (from OrCAD/PCAD).
>> Paul S.

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