[sdiy] portable monophonic synth ideas

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Mon Sep 2 07:59:43 CEST 2013

Don't forget about the MFOS ULT synth and the others.  You can get  
more play time out of using larger battery packs.  It normally takes  
two 9 volts to get the + - power supply but you could use an array of  
AA's or even D cells and have a much longer play time for using  
without AC power.

On Sep 2, 2013, at 12:08 AM, Elain Klopke wrote:

> hey all,
> I'm looking around for ideas on how to go about building a small,
> preferably battery powered, monophonic analog synth. Something that
> will be able to be played in the studio, on stage, and in the break
> room during lunch (headphones most likely).
> I have a 25-key keybed minus the PCB with the contacts, a MFOS VCO
> board, ADSR board, and somewhere a built sate variable VCF and dual
> VCA.... but those boards are kinda big in the grand scheme of needing
> more modules still and wanting portability.
> Also, any clues on how to do a compact keyboard scanning matrix
> that'll output control voltages?
> Thanks in advance for any clues and ideas,
> -Ian
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