[sdiy] Fast envelope follower circuit needed..

Justin Owen juzowen at gmail.com
Fri Mar 29 14:39:07 CET 2013

For a basic analog cook-book solution - look at the schem for the Polyfusion 2044 Envelope Follower.

It's a pretty simple set up - Half Wave Rectifier followed by LPF with switchable response. It also has a Gate output.

...but can someone clarify:

What is the LPF actually doing with regards to the follower output? Do the high frequencies cause some sort of unpleasant spike?



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Hi List,
I'm sure this has been already discussed in the past
but I'm looking for a fast envelope follower circuit
schematic to rectify an incoming +/-2.5v AC waveform
to a rectified 0-5v wave.. The wave frequency could
go as low as 1 hz and sometimes will not be symetrical.
Any circuits welcomed !
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