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Obviously this only works with HASL plated boards but I have been fond of
doing the same thing for ENIG plated contacts by just tinning the tip of the
iron with solder (and I mean VERY little), fluxing the contacts and the just
touching each pin with the iron, works like a charm.  You should only have
enough solder on the tip for 3-4 pins but once you get it down, TQFP stuff
is no problem and you can even use that method for the dreaded uQFN stuff

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On 2013-03-21 09:52 -0700, Scott Gravenhorst wrote:

> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6WrzdgwyIw&feature=related
> This is a "how-to" video on soldering.  What I found fascinating is 
> that the person did the solder job using liquid flux and no additional 
> solder.  There was no need (apparently) for cleaning up with solder 
> wick.  Definately worth the 5 or so minutes to watch and I will 
> definately try this method.  I do note that the tip on the iron was 
> very fine and very clean.
> looked brand new.

That guy has steady hands. I'm not sure I could pull that off but it's
certainly interesting to know it can be done.

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