[sdiy] Duplicates and multiples in KiCAD

Karl Ekdahl elektrodwarf at yahoo.se
Thu Mar 21 04:44:34 CET 2013

To panelize/combine boards you can use "append board" from the file menu in the PCB editor to add another file (or the same file in this case), just make sure to move the pre-existing board down/up/left/right first as the new board will be appended in the same position as it's saved in the file you append.

As for the "duplicates"-thing, i've been wondering that myself. As there is a way of doing it in the schematics editor using hierarchies, maybe there's something similar for the PCB editor?


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Ämne: [sdiy] Duplicates and multiples in KiCAD

So I've run into a situation where I need to do duplicates and
panelized boards in KiCAD, and I have to admit I have no idea how to
go about it, or even if it's possible.

By "duplicates" I mean duplicating most of a circuit several times on
a single board, For example two or three LFO circuits on a PCB, all
fed by the same power input and maybe featuring some other common

By "multiples" I mean duplicating an entire board several times to
make a panelized layout. The separate boards would then be cut apart

Oooh, one more question: is there a way to import Gerbers into KiCAD?

Of course, I'm going to go fish around and find some KiCAD forums, but
I figure I'd ask here first, since this is where all the cool kids
hang out.

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