[sdiy] is raspberry pi the future?

Marc Nostromo [M-.-n] marc.nostromo at gmail.com
Fri Mar 15 15:21:20 CET 2013

>> I don't know about using the RPi as base for proper synth building.
>> However as a platform for building inexpensive digital synth I love
>> it. Hook a cheap USB audio out and midi in and you are ready to go.
>> I've successfully ported my tracker to it
> Is porting something like a tracker to the Raspberry Pi when using its
> onboard linux different than porting it to any other linux-based
> system? Here I'm assuming you haven't developed your own kernel with
> usb audio support.

No I didn't but that's where I think lies it's power. Basically all I
had to do is to grab the source code and target Debian.

I am not at all implying it is a coup de force on my part.However, the
fact you can have some cheap yet valid digital processor - on top of
that easily embeddable because of the form factor - make it all
worthwhile for me. It's something you can, once you developed code for
it and interfaced properly, simply plug and play without having to
cope with the fact it's a pc or not.

I'm not trying to say it's rocket science. It just makes sense for me.


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