[sdiy] Looking for Ca3280 buy / trade IG00151 VCA

Dave Leith dave.leith at gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 02:32:15 CET 2013

Hello SDIYers

I'm looking for a reliable source for about 10 CA3280. Sure, there's
lots on Ebay but suggestions of good sellers would be much
appreciated. I've just been burned for some counterfeit MN3205s and
Reticon SAD1024s so I'd like to avoid more of the same.

I'd appreciate any suggestions, or personal sales/trades of the IC's
if possible.
I have a bunch of NOS Yamaha IG00151 VCA if someone would like to do a trade.

Dave Leith
Buchla clone - http://minimalist.davidleith.com/DeitzModSynth10.html

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