[sdiy] Your current fave ARM Cortex-M dev board...

nvawter at media.mit.edu nvawter at media.mit.edu
Fri Jun 28 15:50:12 CEST 2013

My *current* favorite is the CERB40, but I'm almost finished with my  
personal design, which will become my new favorite.  (I know it's been  
almost 3 months(!), but quality takes time.)

* The cerb40 is good because it's small and minimal - DIP40 form factor

* My new board (The Mobb) will be good b/c it breaks out all analog  
inputs and is compatible with some well-known embedded Peripheral  

* Eric Brombaugh's board has huge potential too, since it includes an  
SD slot and a stereo audio codec.  I believe it breaks out most or all  
of the analog inputs... don't have it in front of me.

But if your friend is still unspecified, you can't go wrong with the  
STM32F4 discovery board....  it's the cheapest, most expandable, most  
compatible, etc.

http://diydsp.com has free info on building digital music instruments

Quoting Justin Owen <juzowen at gmail.com>:

> No - of course I'm not asking this for me! ;)
> Mate of mine, very serious software programmer, taking some time  
> off, wants to get a good dev board to keep his sanity in check. He's  
> into all sorts of stuff - including robotics and, obviously, synths  
> and audio.
> He's asked for advice on dev boards based on (probably) the Cortex  
> M. He doesn't have a specific project in mind - but assume it could  
> be just about anything.
> He likes to pull stuff apart as well - so I guess something with  
> access to schematics/board files might also be helpful.
> Thought I'd ask here... any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> J
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