[sdiy] Buying a Multimeter in Japan

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Tue Jun 25 14:14:38 CEST 2013

Hi Stewart,

I'd recommend heading straight to Akihabara if you're anywhere near the 
Tokyo area.  You can get to it via the green Yamanote line (or yellow 
sobu line) out of Shinjuku station.  It's like an Aladin's cave there 
with electricals stalls set up inside buildings around the railways 
station.  Kind of like a fruit and veg market you get here but selling 
_LOADS_ of electrical components and appliances!  I had a fantastic time 
rumaging around there a few years back.  Some pictures:


If there's any rare old Japan Radio semiconductors you're after, 
definitely ask while you're there.  It's amazing what they have stashed 
away, and can locate quickly with typical Japanese efficiency!  Just 
watch out for buying any appliances that are not suitable for the supply 
voltage/frequency back home.  The deals on IT equipment are also not as 
good as they used to be, so if you're after a laptop I'd resist the urge 
to buy it there.

Have a great time on your holiday.  Japan is a fantastic place to 


On 2013-06-25 11:59, Stewart Pye wrote:
> Hi,
> Could any Japanese list members let me know of a shop that a non
> Japanese speaking person could go to buy a Sanwa multimeter while on
> holidays in Japan?
> Regards,
> Stewart.
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