[sdiy] Digital IO board with USB control & VBnet access examples...??

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Hi Brian,
touch screens routinely work with a physical resolution much lower
than the screen resolution (why would they be the same?) and an
interpolated resolution much higher than the physical resolution.


On Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 9:51 PM,  <rsdio at sounds.wa.com> wrote:
> m.: I've never seen a control surface with more than 10 bits of resolution. If
> someone can point out a product that exceeds 10-bit A/D, then please mention it
> here. I'm not talking about the Lemur, unless you can tell me whether the touch
> response actually exceeds the 800x600 pixel resolution.
> Anyway, the Livid Builder Brain has breakout pins on one of the headers so that
> you can attach a serial A/D that reaches 14-bit or 16-bit (or even 24-bit if
> you could get a 24-bit A/D working reliably with a ribbon controller). You'd
> need to develop your own firmware if you add a better A/D, but at least you
> wouldn't need to design a USB device.
> Getting back to the original question, I totally made the assumption that since
> this is Synth DIY, then it would be most useful to have a USB-MIDI device that
> would respond to Note and Control events. There are certainly I/O boards that
> implement raw, custom USB to pins, but that seems far removed from a musical
> application. The Builder Brain will work directly with Ableton, Max/MSP or
> other music software without a driver or translation hardware. Provided that
> you can do all the manipulation that you need with Logic Pro, Max/MSP, or the
> equivalent, then I personally recommend against VB.
> Brian
> p.s. I think the Lemur uses floating point, so it's rather difficult to
> determine the actual control input resolution without doing a histogram of the
> actual, raw values coming from the surface. Has anyone done the analysis? I
> searched the web and found no concrete information about the native touch
> resolution of the Lemur (or iPad, for that matter). In the case of the iPad,
> it's probably an Apple trade secret.
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