[sdiy] Digital IO board with USB control & VBnet access examples...??

rsdio at sounds.wa.com rsdio at sounds.wa.com
Mon Jun 10 12:51:52 CEST 2013

m.: I've never seen a control surface with more than 10 bits of resolution. If
someone can point out a product that exceeds 10-bit A/D, then please mention it
here. I'm not talking about the Lemur, unless you can tell me whether the touch
response actually exceeds the 800x600 pixel resolution.

Anyway, the Livid Builder Brain has breakout pins on one of the headers so that
you can attach a serial A/D that reaches 14-bit or 16-bit (or even 24-bit if
you could get a 24-bit A/D working reliably with a ribbon controller). You'd
need to develop your own firmware if you add a better A/D, but at least you
wouldn't need to design a USB device.

Getting back to the original question, I totally made the assumption that since
this is Synth DIY, then it would be most useful to have a USB-MIDI device that
would respond to Note and Control events. There are certainly I/O boards that
implement raw, custom USB to pins, but that seems far removed from a musical
application. The Builder Brain will work directly with Ableton, Max/MSP or
other music software without a driver or translation hardware. Provided that
you can do all the manipulation that you need with Logic Pro, Max/MSP, or the
equivalent, then I personally recommend against VB.


p.s. I think the Lemur uses floating point, so it's rather difficult to
determine the actual control input resolution without doing a histogram of the
actual, raw values coming from the surface. Has anyone done the analysis? I
searched the web and found no concrete information about the native touch
resolution of the Lemur (or iPad, for that matter). In the case of the iPad,
it's probably an Apple trade secret.

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