[sdiy] Digital IO board with USB control & VBnet access examples...??

Byron G. Jacquot thescum at surfree.com
Sat Jun 8 22:31:15 CEST 2013

>Thanks to you all for your kind suggestions
>but you talked about lots of interfacing types (serial, I2C, SPI, MIDI)..
>I only need USB interfacing (low speed in my case) and
>If it's a ready to use product it's a PLUS for me.
>I'll have a look at FTDI chips but again I'll have to design
>the board.. not what I want.


It sounds like you're describing boards I've used in the past from a company called Acces-IO.  They were functional with minimal hassle, and not particularly expensive.

Something such as this:

If that doesn't meet your requirements, you might see what's available from Omega Automation.

-Byron Jacquot

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