[sdiy] Digital IO board with USB control & VBnet access examples...??

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Fri Jun 7 03:07:08 CEST 2013


I designed the Build Brain for Livid Instruments. It currently sells for $99
and is USB-MIDI compliant. There is no firmware programming to do, just connect
your buttons, faders, knobs, and LEDs and store the configuration. You have
up to 64 analog inputs for faders and knobs, 16 I/O pins that can be used for
direct-wired buttons or a matrix of up to 179 buttons, and 14 I/O pins for a
matrix of up to 48 LEDs (or 14 direct-wired LEDs if you want to keep the wiring


The disadvantage of the FTDI chip is that it appears as a generic serial port
and not only conflicts with other FTDI devices (you'll have collisions with
Arduino and other DIY projects), but it doesn't work with Ableton or other
MIDI software without a driver. Also, you're fairly limited in terms of the
total I/O counts.

The Builder Brain v1 is USB-MIDI class compliant, needs no driver, and has
classic MIDI input and output ports.

Brian Willoughby
Sound Consulting

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