[sdiy] My new Supply Voltage Monitor module with inner supply wirings pictures...

Jean-Pierre Desrochers jpdesroc at oricom.ca
Sat Feb 23 23:08:01 CET 2013

Hi list,

I'm proud to introduce my last synth module..
It's a Dual Supply Voltage Monitor (M200).
My two synth power supplies bring +15vdc, -15vdc and +5vdc
all over my dotcom synth cabinets and I had no way
to monitor the actual voltages they were spreading
and didn't know if any supply lines were droping down
because of a deficient module(s) or wiring problem
inside my 3 cabinets.. So this module:
monitors BOTH power supplies lines connected in my
system and lights 3 leds (+15v -15v +5v ) constantly
for each supplies. Whenever one supply line drops 0.10vdc or more
below its 'normal' voltage line (ex: 14.90v for a +15vdc line) the 
associated led shuts OFF
to report a DC line voltage needing to be re-adjusted
OR there is a problem inside the cabinets that 'ask' for too much 
Whenever the low DC voltage line goes back up to 0.05vdc
below the normal voltage (ex: 14.95v for a +15vdc line) the LED lights 
It's very efficient so far..
You can also have a look at my cabinet's very detailed
power supplies and BUS line wirings here:

Cheers !

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