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Tim Ressel timr at circuitabbey.com
Fri Feb 22 19:03:14 CET 2013

For what its worth I tried this on my eurorack Polyvoks filters. I saw no DC offset. 

Tim Ressel
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>Subject: [sdiy] Polivoks filter
>I just finished hand building a Polivoks filter using the Marc Bareille
>schematics with the reversing attenuator.  I ended up making a couple of
>minor changes to reduce the filter to near unity gain and softening the
>self-resonance output level so it would not clip rail to rail.
>I built this filter using NTE888M programmable op-amps since they are
>readily available.  I did some frequency plots with my scope using XY mode
>and was disappointed with the DC level shift I saw on the low pass output.
>I got some of the УД1208 Russian parts to compare and discovered the same DC
>shift.  I had repaired a Polivoks filter previously and the frequency plots
>did not show any DC level shift.  I eventually figured out the DC shift was
>occurring on the VCO output as I swept to high frequencies.  I tried
>different VCOs and repeated the measurements with a VCO that had a constant
>amplitude output with no DC shift over the frequency range of the
>measurement.  Both the NTE888M and УД1208 Russian parts looked good with no
>DC shift in the low pass output.
>I saw only two minor differences between the NTE888M parts and the УД1208
>Russian parts.  The NTE888M parts have slightly higher gain and the cutoff
>or center frequencies was slightly higher at the same control settings and
>input CV.  I assume the frequency shift is due to a slightly different Iset
>response curve or a different Vbe bias point for the Iset control pin.
>I have some uA776 parts on order and will also do the same comparison
>(assuming the parts are genuine).
>Now I need to finish this filter with a front panel and play with it some.
>Details, photos, and scope images are on my site on my Polivoks Filter page.
>David J. Brown
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