[sdiy] European source for wall warts?

Tom Bugs admin at bugbrand.co.uk
Fri Feb 22 10:50:27 CET 2013

AC out seem to be hard to find.
Certainly given the general shift towards small switchers etc.
I noticed that even 15-18V AC over 1amp seemed to vanish from places 
like Farnell / RS in the last few years.
I had to track down some 16VAC 1.2+Amp (ie. 1.2 amp or more) supplies 6 
months ago and had quite a difficulty.
Ended up finding some at ESR (Newcastle, UK) but definitely made me 
think on future availability / ease.

Ta, Tom

On 22/02/2013 02:34, Karl Ekdahl wrote:
> Hi list
> I'm trying to find a good source of wall warts in the EU (or just for 220/240V in general), both "standard" EU plug and UK type. So far i'm out of luck, most companies i find have terrible search engine making it impossible to find anything.. (tried Rapid and Elfa, at Farnell i can't find anything but chassis transformers - i've gotta be doing something wrong..?)
> Specifically i'm looking for a 15-18V AC OUT @ 2-3Amps - just finding AC out wall warts seems to be an issue in itself, finding something specific might be a nightmare..? Very very grateful for any hints!
> Karl
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