[sdiy] SOT-23-5 Op Amps?

rsdio at sounds.wa.com rsdio at sounds.wa.com
Wed Feb 20 07:46:35 CET 2013

Well, it doesn't quite match the venerable TL072, but the Maxim  
MAX4231 at $0.50 is a CMOS op-amp with 30 mA output drive, 10 MHz  
bandwidth, 10 V/us slew rate, plus rail-to-rail input and output.  
Great for 5 V operation, but not +/-15 V. It has a pin for shutdown,  
to aid in low-power applications like USB. The extra pin makes it  
require a SOT-23-6 package, also SC70-6, but it's the same small size  
overall as the MAX4230 in SOT-23-5 and SC70-5. I used the MAX4231 in  
a commercial design to buffer a 64-channel input mux for A/D. The  
TL072 has 1 T½ input resistance, while the MAX4230 has "only" 1 G½,  
so I wouldn't use the latter for a S/H if super long Hold times are  

Brian Willoughby
Sound Consulting

On Feb 19, 2013, at 06:16, Justin Owen wrote:
> Recently discovered the existence of single Op-Amps in a SOT-23-5  
> package - anyone used them in a SDIY capacity?
> Anything to match the humble TL072?

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