[sdiy] AD633: Z inputs and W Loops

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Got it...thank you.

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> The resistor network adds gain. Look at figure 16 of the data sheet. It has R1 between W and Z, and R2 from Z to a point called "s", which we will ground for this. The gain is shown as (R1+R2)/R1.
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>>Hi all -
>>Apologies for chronic beginner questions -
>>but I'm working a bit on revising my AD633 ring modulator schematic
>>and I don't fully understand the relationship re: the resistor from
>>the W output to the Z output and from the Z output to ground.
>>I understand that there is some sort of gain addition (+ Z, according
>>to the datasheet) - but I don't totally understand how to do the math
>>to determine this gain, nor do I understand how the resistor from W
>>factors in to this equation.
>>Hope you are all having productive mornings!
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