[sdiy] Protected PAL/GAL reading service?

Tom Arnold xyzzy at sysabend.org
Sun Feb 17 13:31:56 CET 2013

On Sun, Feb 17, 2013 at 04:24:08AM -0800, Terry Shultz wrote:
> I have not worked with older pal technology since working at PPG in 1984 as newer technology was available over time.
> I sold my Data I/O about 20 years ago , so I would have to see what tools are still usable and available at the lab at Freescale.
> Perhaps others have tools and can comment.

I have logic analyzers, and a vintage Data I/O, also enough data to
brute-force it myself.  I'm more looking right now for a company that is
set up to do exactly this and save me the time.  I've found one place that
will eat the encapsulation off so they can jumper the fuse, but I'd rather
find a non-destructive service.  I always seem to stumble across them when
I'm not looking for'em...

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