[sdiy] MIDI HD

MTG grant at musictechnologiesgroup.com
Fri Feb 15 22:59:07 CET 2013

One could, theoretically, let a person choose their update rate and 
precision (#bits) in some setting. Either globally or per control. The 
first time I encountered this was in a go-kart speedometer (data 
logger). Every time the axle goes around you can calculate a new 
speed/period. Then asynchronously, you can determine how often to show 
this to a user.  Maybe even filter it with past values so it's not so jumpy.

So with a synth you could set the bit depth (7 bit, 14-bit) and max 
update rate. Hard to say if it's worth it for the 1% of end-users that 
would use it. Also, not only digital filtering, but analog low pass 
filtering on the derived CV's if there is analog stuff in the end sound 
source.  Like the S&H caps.  But whether analog or digital, this will 
introduce slight response/lag. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing...


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