[sdiy] Type of aluminium for front panels.

David Moylan dave at westphila.net
Fri Feb 15 00:51:29 CET 2013

I just had a 5U rack panel done by Front Panel Express in 3mm.  Felt 
very bendy until I attached some standard hardware store aluminum L via 
standoffs, which I'm using to mount circuit boards.  I have 2 rails, one 
top, one bottom each attached by 3 standoffs (one on each side + one 
middle).  Really makes a world of difference.  Might be tough to fit in 
the 6U x 60mm specified but worth a try.

On 2/14/13 3:35 PM, David G Dixon wrote:
> I use 0.1" 5052 aluminum for my 5U panels, and it's stiff as hell.
>>> I think the problem is that with a rack width of unbraced
>> aluminium,
>>> when you use any normal force against it, even if it only
>> flexes by a
>>> millimeter or two, it 'feels'
>>> disconcertingly flimsy. It isn't going to break or deform
>> permanently,
>>> but it feels shoddy.
>> Also, if there are panel mounted controls that are also fixed
>> to a PCB, the PCB is going to take that strain.
>> With an L- or U-shaped panel, there's less stress on the board.
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