[sdiy] Carbon composition... vs carbon film resistors..

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Check this thread: http://www.geotech1.com/forums/showthread.php?20169-Need-advice-on-Minelab-11-quot-coil-repair-and-design
The resistor I am talking about is shown in comparison to the original in-circuit one.
I suspect metal film.  No capacitance involved unless it's in the meter :-)
It is interesting to learn as - in the first place I did not expect to see a damping resistor on an RX coil - then it skews the inductance measurement of the coil and thus if you try and copy an existing design you need to know whether there is a resistor there or not.
Too many hobbies already BTW.  I need to remain clueless with the ones I have.


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> LC102 for inductance and got 233uH

According to the "math", that inductance would have to be in series or parallel with *at least* 0.28uf just to have an effect at 20KHz.

If your pc boards have 0.28uf of stay capacitance, get another hobby :)

Paul S.


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