[sdiy] FS: Korg Z1 chassis (incl. keybed, LCD, etc.)

Eric Frampton eric at ericframpton.com
Tue Feb 12 18:48:44 CET 2013

Hey y'all -

I bought a non-working Korg Z1 a while back to get running, and it looks like the digital parts I need are completely unobtanium, so I think I'm just going to part this thing out. This makes me sad, because it's in otherwise beautiful shape.

So do any of you have any need for an excellent condition chassis - including knobs, LCD, complete keyboard, pot boards, wheels, etc.? Basically you'd be getting everything except the motherboard (which is missing the unobtainable parts and is thus worthless) and the 6-voice expansion board (which I'm planning to stick on eBay and sell separately, unless one of you wants to give me $300 for it).

It might be perfect for housing your new DIY keyboard project.

I"d also be willing to part-out the parts, i.e. sell the knobs or keyboard or LCD separately.

Let me know!


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