[sdiy] Ultimate SDIY Workbench?

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Tue Feb 12 17:34:47 CET 2013

Not sure about the US, but in Europe (Germany especially) those lamps
are very popular:

(for the archive: the image displays a telescopic arm lamp with a desk
clamp and three joints connected by double pipes each)

The one in the picture is LED, while you normally get ones that use
the following fluorescent tube:

(this is an 11-watt U-shaped tube)

they're made by many, many different companies. The tube version gives
great diffuse light for working with tiny elements and it doesn't get
in the way. You can always position it just the way you need it, which
is great. You can also clamp them to a shelf above the desk and let
them descend from above, which is very practical. They usually come
with a fairly hefty wall-wart (includes a neon ballast).


On Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 4:24 PM, David G Dixon <dixon at mail.ubc.ca> wrote:
>> 1) Under-desk storage: If your stuff is far enough away that
>> you're not kicking it every hour - then it's probably a
>> little bit too far away to get to easily.
> That's what's nice about desk drawers.  I have unlimited legroom, and
> everything is within easy reach.
>> 2) Strip lights at eye level: tiring for the eyes and trying
>> to get directly above whatever you're working on without
>> casting shadows all over it can be difficult.
> I use a desk lamp on a movable metal stand, just like the one in the Pixar
> movie intro.  I can bring it right down on top of what I'm working on.
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