[sdiy] Ultimate SDIY Workbench?

Eric Frampton eric at ericframpton.com
Tue Feb 12 00:53:56 CET 2013

I built my workbench from these plans - got it finished a month or so ago. I'm not terribly experienced in working with wood - so I took my time and it thus took much longer than the two hours they say it will - but I think it turned out great.


I added another shelf in the middle of the top section but didn't install the pegboard on the back. I also built out about a 4" deep x 12" wide (approx) lip on this middle shelf for my 'scope to sit on. I can see it, but it stays out of the way.

I didn't have the full 6' of width the original plans called for, so I had to chop 1' off of that dimension throughout. In a perfect world, I could totally use that full 6', but as it is I've still got enough room to disassemble a 5-octave keyboard with space left over.


On Feb 11, 2013, at 4:51 PM, "Wheaton, Simon" <Simon.Wheaton at cit.edu.au> wrote:

> I am looking for ideas for the Ultimate SDIY Workbench.
> I have just purchased a half decent desoldering station (Pace MT350), and now want to setup a nice workbench for it at home.
> What would be your ultimate for SDIY workbench?
> Am interested in the work bench itself, as well as tool and parts storage/organisation ideas, and recommendation for essential tools and other bits that make SDIY work easier.
> This bench looks alright, you buy the corner bits, and put it together yourself with wood pieces to suit your own configuration...
> http://joewalnes.com/2012/09/22/myworkbench/
> http://www.amazon.com/2x4basics-90164-Workbench-Shelving-Storage/dp/B0030T1BRE/ref=sr_1_1?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1360619370&sr=1-1

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