[sdiy] Small Bear retails CoolAudio & THAT Corp devices, SSM2164s from 4starelectronics.com

Robin Whittle rw at firstpr.com.au
Fri Feb 8 03:01:24 CET 2013

I wanted to add an easy to find message so folks scanning the archives
(including myself in the future) can find it.

Bruce Duncan wrote that he purchased 1000 CoolAudio V2164 quad VCAs from
Small Bear, because he was not able to do so from CoolAudio themselves.
 Sure enough, Small Bear carries quite a few CoolAudio devices.  If they
had 1000 in stock that indicates they are serious about stocking these
devices and selling lots of them.



    V2153M Coolaudio clone of NJM2153 Sound Enhancement Processor.
    20-pin surface-mount $3.95

    V2159D Coolaudio clone of THAT 2159L VCA. 8-pin SIP. $3.50

    V2164D Coolaudio clone of the SSM2164 Quad VCA $3.50

    V4580L Coolaudio low-noise dual op-amp, 8-pin single-in-line
    package. $0.80

    V3102D Coolaudio clone of the MN3102 clock driver $2.75

    V3205  Coolaudio clone of MN3205 4K BBD $4.95

    V3207D CoolAudio clone of MN3207 1K BBD. 8-pin DIP $4.25

    V3208D Coolaudio low-voltage 2K BBD on 8-pin DIP, pin-for-pin equal
    of BL3208A. $3.75

    V1000M Coolaudio Multi-Effect Processor on surface-mount IC

    V4220 Coolaudio 24-Bit Stereo Codec on surface-mount IC, complement
    to V1000 $12.95

They also stock a handful of THATCorp devices:



    2180LB Trimless VCA, 8-pin SIP $5.95

    2181LB Trimmable VCA, 8-pin SIP $6.75

    2252L08-U RMS Level Detector $6.25

    4301P Analog Engine on 20-pin DIP $9.75

    300P NPN transistor array $7.25

    340P NPN transistor array on 14-pin DIP $7.25

They also stock the Rohm BA6110 VCA for $2.50.

A search for SSM2164 at http://4starelectronics.com returns:

  SSM2164       10,235	
  SSM2164C       4,610	
  SSM2164D           2	
  SSM2164P      12,055	
  SSM2164PS        243	
  SSM2164PZ      4,130	
  SSM2164S       4,642	
  SSM2164SZ     41,024	
  SSM2164SZLF        3	
  SSM2164SZREEL  9,952	
  SSM2164SZREEL7 3,035

Searching for CA3038 returned about 42 variants, some of them supposedly
available in tens of thousands, including:

 CA3080E	146,683

Prices are "Request quote".

  - Robin

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