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You can tell me how semi companies *should* operate all day long, but I work for one with over 10K employees and billions in annual revenue, and what I told you is how they *do* operate.  It's called fact based reality.

Good luck calling the chamber of commerce or some government lackey.

Small businesses, just like large ones, have to adapt or die. 

Welcome to the socially unconscious, erroneous pathology of the free market.

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PS this is pretty off topic.  To spare our group further noise, I've said my last word on this subject.  I'm sure you'll insist on writing another epic post, so have at it. Make it a good one!

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>On Tue, Feb 5, 2013 at 5:44 PM, Dave Manley <dlmanley at sonic.net> wrote:
>> People forget the primary purpose of a semi company is not to make chips, but to make money.
>That's a perfectly shortsighted and socially irresponsible way to view
>things, luckily enough various societies have put control measures in
>place to stop people who err into your thought-pattern pathology. I
>mentioned some of them in the previous email.
>Here are some examples of where various entities recognize the issue
>in your train of reasoning:
>- governments build roads
>- work places set up buses to get their workers to the factory hall
>- governments build silos to store milk and processors to create
>butter (= long-term storage of milk) to support the production
>Given the prolific acceptance of the above, I would say few people in
>charge get to exercise your views.
>As a company grows large and its products become more and more
>important to various industries, with the business it brings in it
>accepts a responsibility. This is recognized in various ways around
>the world. In dire cases -- even in free-market economies -- the
>government can step in and take hold of a company that's doing wrong.
>Example: bank bailouts.
>It's very simple to come up with a defeated point of view and call
>everyone as unwise dreamers who are disconnected from the dire, gray
>reality, David.
>From my point of view, with the correct organization there can be
>quite an impact. For one thing, if all small-time synth and studio
>equipment builders came together and stated their, however meagre,
>requirements, then it might well add up to very significant numbers,
>and ADI would likely listen to that.
>If the socioeconomic impact of killing business is measured, very
>likely governments are likely to listen to that.
>> People also forget or don't know that each and every chip requires support by product and test engineers, QA, marketing, field support, etc.
>> AD isn't stupid.  If the SSM parts presented a viable business model for them,  they'd still be making them.
>> I wonder if Jameco would be interested in selling the Cool Audio parts.  They've always had a hobbyist feel to there product line.
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>>>cheater cheater wrote:
>>>> Yes, definitely you should contact your congressman. And if any
>>>> company outside the US is reading this, you should contact your local
>>>> chamber of commerce or any other government entity that might be able
>>>> to influence the decisions of the supplier (ADI).
>>>If you want to pester someone then I reckon you'd have better luck
>>>pestering national distributors to carry the CoolAudio line.
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