[sdiy] STM32F4 synthesis examples

Martin Klang mars at pingdynasty.com
Mon Feb 4 11:08:35 CET 2013

On 3 Feb 2013, at 21:19, julian schmidt wrote:

> Am 03.02.2013 22:10, schrieb Martin Klang:
>> On 3 Feb 2013, at 20:38, julian schmidt wrote:
>> Oh and the ST libs have an awful license on them, effectively prohibiting open source development.
> which license do you mean?
> regarding the std. peripheral lib I can find no license other than the liability statement in the release notes.

look for their Software License Agreement Liberty V2 (newspeak?), this is the part that bothers me:

No source code relating to and/or based upon Licensed Software is to be made available or sub-licensed by You unless expressly permitted under the Section “License”.

the License section allows you to
(i)	make copies, prepare derivative works of the source code version of the Licensed Software for the sole and exclusive purpose of developing versions of such Licensed Software only for use within the Product;
(ii)	make copies, prepare derivative works of the object code versions of the Licensed Software for the sole purpose of designing, developing and manufacturing the Products;

As I'm not a lawyer I'm not entirely sure how to read this, but it's clear that the purpose of the license is to make sure you only use the libs with ST's mcu's (the Product). Unfortunately I think they've also destroyed any possibility of open source development.

Perhaps it is possible to argue that publishing the code is part of the development process and thus allowed under (i).
Or perhaps to find another CMSIS implementation to link your code against, one with a less braindead license.

There's otherwise libopencm3

> I have to dig onto this as I wanted to release my drumsynth src as GPL :-o

I'm in the same situation, interested to hear what conclusion you come to!



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