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Thanks to everyone who responded. I see know how to determine these properly. Unfortunately the free land pattern calculator from PCB Matrix it seems is no longer free. Anyone know of a free land pattern calculator? I don't want to drop $120 to buy the standard if I don't have to.

--Tim (cheap) Ressel

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As a good rule of thumb, keepout width should be 0.5 mm, so minimum free space between footprints of two components will be 1.0 mm. Same rule applies to the minimum distance of component bodies
This minimum value applies to all components, not just your resistor
This value is learned from IPC stadard:
IPC-D-7351B "Generic Requirements for Surface Mount Design and Land Pattern Standard"

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> Hi,
> I am having the dickens of a time finding out how to determine the proper keepout area for a surface mount resistor. Just a standard 0603. The datasheets from the manufacturers I looked at show the land patterns in great detail but are mum about keepout. I suspect its more a function of the machine doing the placement. Does anybody know about this?
> Thanks!
> --Tim (uncharted territory) Ressel
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