[sdiy] Juno-106 prematurely dying battery

Eric Frampton eric at ericframpton.com
Fri Jul 27 16:55:45 CEST 2012

I wasn't able to measure battery current, but I did try metering across the open terminals of the battery holder I installed, thinking (as you mentioned) that if one of the ceramics had shorted that I'd see some indication there. The meter showed infinite resistance, so I then pursued John Henson and Murray H's suggestions that the TC40H000 had gone bad, and replaced it with a 74HC00 - which fixed the problem.

It's interesting how much overlap there is between vintage synth folks, vintage arcade/pinball folks, and vintage computer folks!


On Jul 27, 2012, at 5:49 AM, Ingo Debus wrote:

> Am 24.07.2012 um 06:10 schrieb Eric Frampton:
>> I'm looking at a friend's Roland HS-60 (the Juno-106 with speakers in it, aka Juno-106S). I've opened it up once before, and he's brought it back for another round. It seems to be working perfectly, except that it keeps eating batteries. I put a holder for a CR2032 in there the first time around ('cause, frankly, they're easier to find than BR2325's), but after about two weeks or so the memory takes a dump 'cause the battery is dead. Apparently it's gone through a couple of batteries this way.
> Any chance to measure the battery current?
> I once had a similar problem (not in a synth, it was an old Atari computer). Turned out to be a leaky ceramic capacitor.
> Ingo
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