[sdiy] Juno 6/60 SH rate for filter cv

Richard Wentk richard at wentk.com
Wed Jul 18 08:34:40 CEST 2012

Seconded. IMO the Juno 6/60/106 are easily the best sounding DCO polys from that decade.

Never heard envelope zippering on my 60 or my 106.

Did have some issues with control resolution. There were a couple of times when the cutoff slider stepping was too wide to get the cutoff just so.

But otherwise they're fun and they sound great.


On 18 Jul 2012, at 03:37, Kyle Stephens <lightburnx at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Andrew,
> Fiddled with it as you suggested. No steps, no zip. I use self res with short envelopes a lot for minimal tech ish drum sounds. Often I put some OD on top, which would pick out glitches all the more were there any.
> I haven't heard it in any other scenario either for that matter. Just get one man, they're a lot of fun.
> _Kyle
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>> On 18 July 2012 01:49, Kyle Stephens
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>> wrote:
>>> I've never noticed stepping in my Juno-6. Then again
>> I've never tried running CV to the filter, let alone
>> approaching audio rates where presumably you might get that
>> issue. Your foot (via a pedal) couldn't possibly move as
>> fast as to make it glitch.
>>> _Kyle
>> Hi Kyle,
>> The sample and hold CV controls the filter all the time.
>> This is how
>> the cutoff moves from everything, the lfo, the envelope. The
>> scan rate
>> of the controls effects the depth of the modulation, but
>> that I don't
>> mind so much since I have to manually move that, it's the
>> things that
>> are analog sources being sampled that I am interested in. An
>> easy test
>> is to get the filter into self osc, then apply a fast
>> envelope down in
>> pitch to the cutoff so the pitch ends at around 30 hz. If
>> you hear any
>> zippering then the sample and hold rate is too slow. You'll
>> need to
>> switch the amp to gate mode for this.
>> All the best,
>> Andy
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