[sdiy] Kobol Schematics?

Julien Delgoulet jdelgoulet at free.fr
Fri Jul 13 07:02:33 CEST 2012

Here comes a french ;-)
So James, what you would like to do ?
If you are looking for the schematics for some DIY, may be you don't need the whole schematics ...
Here are my tought:
Basically, the interesting part of the kobol is its VCO (env and filter are ssm based)
According to Mark Verbos, the VCO is a ripoff of an oberheim SEM with a UA726 for the expo. So you might use the original SEM VCO design which uses CA3046.
Now the interresting part is the waveshaper... and a NICE person (Mark Verbos) decided to share his redrawn schematic here :

There is also his redraw of the VCO core : 

From that you could start building the VCO ...

Also from this page of the schematics (http://www.univertron.com/SAS/manuals/RSF/Kobol%20Expander%20Schematics/4.jpg) , this picture (http://www.flickr.com/photos/roginator1/5227283469/in/photostream/) and the BOM which is also in the bad scans you might end up with the correct values for resistors and stuff...

Hope it helps ...


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> Ahhh...the Brits and the French BFF.
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