[sdiy] Pseudo-historic design question

Paul Burns paul at fitvideo.co.uk
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Get Conlon Nancarrow on the case 




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I appreciate the practical suggestions others have made.... but obviously
;-) you would have a crank operated (or at least wound
up/started) mechanical sequencer with an old typewriter style keyboard for
activating different sequences.
All other parameter changes would be achieved with big levers.
Your oscillators would be tube based and filtering would be achieved with
moving baffles in front of the speakers.
Pistons on metal for your drums.
All other electronic sound (tube based) would play through a satellite dish
sized speaker behind you.
You could throw in one or two tesla coils for melodic stuff.
and there would be lots of pyrotechnics.
-pete "the closet steam punk" edwards

On 7/4/2012 3:08 AM, Gordon JC Pearce wrote:
> Following a discussion in the pub at the weekend with some steampunks, 
> here's a question I'd like to throw to the collective ingenuity of the 
> list.
> You have been transported back in time 70 years, to 1942.  How would 
> you go about inventing (specifically) acid house?

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