[sdiy] Synergy FM [was: Re: DX7 hacking?]

David Evans dfevans at sekrit.eu
Thu Jul 5 23:28:36 CEST 2012

On 5 Jul 2012, at 21:59, Scott Nordlund wrote:

>> One day I'll get around to scanning the manuals…
> Ooh, I'd like to see those.

To be fair, I've been saying this since 1998. :P

> From what I understand, the Acxel should be (at least on paper) the most powerful hardware additive/FM synth developed. It seems to promise independent amplitude and pitch envelopes, and arbitrary waveforms per oscillator, with up to 1024 oscillators.

It delivers almost that. There isn't much FM to speak of and you don't really get 1024 oscillators. IIRC (I haven't had mine on the same continent as me in years) you get 31 oscillators per voice chip (a hardware bug stops this from being 32) and each voice card has eight chips. Once voice card gives 8 voices with 31 oscillators each. I think 2 gives you 16/31 or 8/62 and four gives you 31/31 or 16/62. I can't remember if three voice boards work. I have only one vice board and think it pretty bloody unlikely I'll ever get more!

(Each oscillator can use an independent arbitrary waveform, which is nice.)

> I don't know what they're using to resynthesize samples, but I get the impression it isn't very good.

It can be interesting and nifty but "isn't very good" is a pretty accurate description a lot of the time. :)

All these other ideas would help the Acxel in a huge way and its UI, while insane, could do a lot. But I don't fancy reverse-engineering a multiprocessor message-passing NS32016 thing!

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