[sdiy] Pseudo-historic design question

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Some commercial products: 
VolksTrautonium (Telefunken)
Multimonika (Hohner)
Novachord and Solovox (Hammond) 
Ondioline (JJP - might later only)
Clavioline (Selmer and others - might later only),
are there to produce some nice voice

Biggest drawback there is no really envelope there


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Could be done with tube technology, which was pretty sophisticated in 1942.

For a purely mechanical approach, music box type sequencers triggering scrapers  (along the lines of mechanical gramophones) with plenty of variable speed gears, cams etc would do the job.

But it wouldn't be easy...
There is always beatboxing..

paul perry Melbourne Australia

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From: "Gordon JC Pearce" > Following a discussion in the pub at the weekend with some steampunks,
> here's a question I'd like to throw to the collective ingenuity of the 
> list.
> You have been transported back in time 70 years, to 1942.  How would 
> you go about inventing (specifically) acid house?

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