[sdiy] Discrete OTAs - (was - Best CA3280 projects?)

ASSI Stromeko at nexgo.de
Mon Jul 2 21:34:13 CEST 2012

On Monday 02 July 2012, 12:49:24, Justin Owen wrote:
> Out of the people who've experimented with designing discrete OTAs - have
> any of you implemented the 'linearizing diodes' that the LM13700(?) had?
> I'd be curious to see how you did this, whether you actually used diodes
> or half a transistor (don't laugh - that's what I've read) and what
> advantage it got you - if any.

The "linearizing diodes" really have to be diode connected transistors with 
fairly good matching to the input differential pair.  So your only 
contemporary options implementing those is a THAT30x array or a CA3083/3086.

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