[sdiy] Synergy FM [was: Re: DX7 hacking?]

Richard Wentk richard at wentk.com
Mon Jul 2 14:03:57 CEST 2012

There are various options. I think discrete envelopes are *not* the way to go, because there are too many parameters.

The simple approach is to create timbre frames with arbitrary pitches/levels/time offsets and interpolate between them. This isn't particularly clever, but it's good enough for some nice sounds. 

The more interesting option is to create a full series of FFT windows for a sample - probably with overlap - and pull partial tracks out of the data. Instead of an envelope each oscillator is fed a partial track with steadily changing frequency/amplitude.

The even more interesting option is to multisample sounds across a full range of pitches and levels and create a multidimensional partial track database with interpolation between the available samples. 

For all options you can add FFT effects like chorus/detune, random level variations, frequency shrink/stretch, and so on.

The oscillator engine ends up being a relatively small part of the finished synthesizer.

I've done some timbre frame experiments with Csound and Max/MSP, but the rest of it always seems to be too much work for a part-time project. 

Maybe I should pitch it up on KickStarter and see if anyone wants to pay me. :)


On 2 Jul 2012, at 07:53, Veronica Merryfield wrote:

> On 2012-07-01, at 5:14 PM, Richard Wentk wrote:
>> You could solve that by adding some resynthesis options, so you could throw samples at an FFT and use the output to control the oscillators. But you then have a much more complex project. It would be immensely powerful, but also a ton of work. 
> But to do it justice one would have to do the FFT over the entirety of the sample. But then FFT assumes fixed frequency buckets whereas these beasties aren't limited that way so something else would be a better fit.

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