[sdiy] 4051 mux with caps and buffers?

Robin Whittle rw at firstpr.com.au
Mon Jul 2 12:37:51 CEST 2012

Thanks very much for the replies, on- and off-list.  Here's a summary:

The chip I was thinking of was probably the SSM2300:


I think this could do the 0 to 14 or 15 volt range which I want.  The
no-longer produced (I guess) CEM5508 / On Chip System PDA508:


has a 16 volt power supply range with a maximum positive of 12.5 volts
and a minimum negative of -10.5 volts.  Output voltages are within 2.5
volts of these limits, so it could do 0 to 10.0 volts.

There are two Analogue Devices chips - SMP08 and SMP18:


It looks as if I am out of luck, since I want 0 to 14 volts and these AD
chips only go to 5 volts.

Back to the drawing board . . .

  - Robin

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