[sdiy] DIY reflow soldering, was:There is no fun analogue chips anymore!

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An inductive hot plate seems dangerous. You will induce a voltage in
anything that can conduct electricity, and you could possibly damage
chips by doing this. (Including soft damage.)

On 01/07/2012, John Luciani <jluciani at gmail.com> wrote:
> I use an inductive hot-plate. I purchased a magnetic-stainless flat
> pan that comes with a handle. I place the board on the flat pan,
> place the pan on the cooktop, turn it up to maximum. When the
> solder starts to reflow then lift the pan of the cooktop and place
> it on a stone. I have had no problems with lead solder.
> Lead-free solder are difficult without some sort of hold down.
> For large boards you need to do a hold down.
> I usually do a stencil. For a quick board with not too many
> parts I sometimes dispense the solder with a syringe and air pump.
> A lot more cleanup of solder bridges with the syringe but
> not bad.
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