[sdiy] DIY reflow soldering, was:There is no fun analogue chips anymore!

John Luciani jluciani at gmail.com
Sun Jul 1 18:37:07 CEST 2012

I use an inductive hot-plate. I purchased a magnetic-stainless flat
pan that comes with a handle. I place the board on the flat pan,
place the pan on the cooktop, turn it up to maximum. When the
solder starts to reflow then lift the pan of the cooktop and place
it on a stone. I have had no problems with lead solder.
Lead-free solder are difficult without some sort of hold down.
For large boards you need to do a hold down.

I usually do a stencil. For a quick board with not too many
parts I sometimes dispense the solder with a syringe and air pump.
A lot more cleanup of solder bridges with the syringe but
not bad.

(* jcl *)


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