[sdiy] DIY reflow soldering, was:There is no fun analogue chips anymore!

Ingo Debus igg.debus at t-online.de
Sun Jul 1 17:41:38 CEST 2012

Am 01.07.2012 um 03:11 schrieb mark verbos:

> I bought a convection toaster oven at Target for $60 and have very much success doing boards as big as 10" across. 
> A stencil helps a lot, but is not required. For me, SMT is vastly superior to through hole. I do still use through hole for panel components and special parts (vactrols for instance).

That's interesting, I have tons of questions :-)
What are the smallest parts you have soldered so far? How do you do temperature control? How do you apply the solder paste if you don't have a stencil? Tiny dabs of solder paste on each pad? Can you solder boards with components on both sides, or do the components from the first side fall off while you solder the second one?


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