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All claimed, thanks!

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Hello all,

I'm clearing out some old data books - mostly µP and logic - and thought I'd
post here before going to Half Price Books.
The books are free, I just need you to cover the shipping and packing cost.
Since they're free though, I'd like to do as little work as possible and
send them to one person if I can. Please contact me off-list if you are

Manufacturer/Author	Title	Edition	ISBN/ID	Date

intel	Product Guide		1-55512-088-1	1990
intel	16-Bit Embedded Controller Handbook		03-8275-02	1989
intel	Microprocessors		1-55512-087-3	1990

Micro Power Systems	1993 Data Conversion Products Data Book

Motorola	DSP56000 Digital Signal Processor User's Manual
DSP56000UM/AD	1986

Paradigm	Memory Data Book			1991

Poe & Goodwin	The S-100 & Other Microbuses	2nd Ed.	0-672-21810-0	1982

SGS	DATABOOK - Z8 Microcomputer Family	1st Ed.	DAZ8DB/1	Apr.

Silicon Systems	Communication Products Integrated Circuits 1990 Data Book

Toshiba	LOGIC TC74HC SERIES			Jan. 1987
Toshiba	Advanced C2MOS Logic TC74AC Series	2nd Ed.	4114	Mar. 1989

UMC	Memory Ics	1990-1991	MDB9008V2	Aug. 1990

Zilog	DATACOM Ics			1991
Zilog	Z8000 PLZ/ASM Assembly Language Programming Manual
03-3055-03	Mar. 1982
Zilog	"Z80,000 CPU Preliminary Technical Manual"		03-8225-01
Sep. 1984
Zilog	Z8000 Family Data Book		00-2488-01	Nov. 1988
Zilog	Z8 Family Design Handbook		03-8275-02	Jun. 1988

Total weight is around 24lbs.		

Best regards,


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